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18 listopada 2022

Heimerle + Meule GmbH

‘Precious metals unlimited. A strong team.’ Heimerle + Meule GmbH is celebrating its 175th anniversary in 2020 with this as its slogan. Today, Heimerle + Meule GmbH is not just Germany’s oldest gold and silver refinery. It has developed beyond that into an international market leader in the precious metal sector. The one-time processor of production waste from the local jewellery industry now presents itself as a full-service provider in precious metal processing for multiple sectors. From the outset, the specialists from the ‘Golden City’ pursued the philosophy of lasting value – in products and services, in its relationships with customers and staff, and in its responsibility to people and the environment.

The portfolio of products and services of the long-established company has continuously grown as the company has advanced into new areas. In addition to precious metal recycling and trade, its portfolio now also includes semi-finished products for jewellery and technology, as well as electroplating equipment and chemicals, in-house surface coating and investment and dental products. The areas of application are no less diverse. Besides the jewellery and watch-making industry, Heimerle + Meule also supplies automotive suppliers, the electrical and electronic industry, dental laboratories and many more sectors. Heimerle + Meule is committed to fulfilling every customer request individually using its wide range of products and services.

For Heimerle + Meule, people have always been the measure of everything. Its customers, business partners and not least its staff. The majority of the roughly 300 employees are long-standing, experienced members of staff. They are professional and dedicated, and have a customer focus. The precious metal specialist considers active responsibility to be key. Processing gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other valuable raw materials requires the utmost care. For over 175 years, Heimerle + Meule has been synonymous with values such as trust, reliability, partnership and sustainability. The company is also extremely flexible, reacting swiftly to requests and implementing these together with its customers.

Another factor that plays a major role at Heimerle + Meule is its responsibility to people and the environment. This is a daily endeavour at Heimerle + Meule. A considerable number of certifications prove that the gold used by Heimerle + Meule and the products created from this fulfil the highest ethical requirements, e.g. a certification by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) as a conflict-free gold refiner and a certification by the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) according to their Code of Practice. In addition, Germany’s oldest refinery strives to run a very sustainable production process and environmentally friendly recycling, using state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, the precious metal specialist embodies controlled quality and tested safety. Both constitute the foundations of responsible business activities, and Heimerle + Meule sets the highest standards in these attributes. Controlled quality and tested safety – customers can rely on these attributes.

Today, more than 175 years after its foundation, Heimerle + Meule is far more than a precious metal specialist based in Pforzheim. By forming the Heimerle + Meule Group in 2013, the Pforzheim company achieved a new dimension. More than 1000 employees in locations across seven countries means that the Heimerle + Meule Group is one of the biggest European precious metal processors. The multinational company can now react even more quickly to its customers’ requirements and to market developments.


Dennigstrasse 16 |  75179 Pforzheim  |  GERMANY
+49 7231 940 2566 oraz 26445

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